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Karli Jones

Airbrush Artist, Wife, Dog Mom 

My name is Karli and I grew up in a little beach town in San Diego, California where the sun shines and everyone has that beautiful beach glow.  It was here that I met my husband who was in the military who 4 years later I moved to Dallas with and decided to bring a little piece of home with me.

Having a spray tan always made me feel better about myself, and I can guarantee you will feel that way too. The solution I use is the absolute best and comes straight from Hollywood and is used by celebrities and professionals all over the US. All of my solution options are anti aging, infused with antioxidants and natural plant botanicals that hydrate the skin while providing a flawless color.

I will make it more convenient for your busy lifestyle, by coming directly to you, and providing a high quality, customized tan in the comfort of your own home.

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